Programs – What we do
OASIS offers year-round participation in a variety of sporting activities. As a participant in an OASIS program, the disabled Veteran will receive the instruction, equipment and support necessary to achieve independence in that sport. There are two parts of the services provided to the Veterans: the instruction phase and the advocacy phase.
The major goal for the Veteran is to achieve independence in that particular sport. Independence means the Veteran will be able to safely and effectively participate in the sport on their own, or with the assistance of a support person. At the end of 6-10 sessions (depending upon the sport), the OASIS instructor(s), the Veteran, their support person, and the VA therapist (if applicable) working with the Veteran, will determine if independence has been achieved. If the Veteran has achieved independence, he/she will “graduate” from the program. If they have not achieved independence, a plan for the next steps needed will be jointly developed and implemented.

In the advocacy phase, OASIS works with the Veteran and other organizations to establish the support the Veteran will need to sustain their independence and growth in the sport.

Survey data is collected from the veterans and their support persons to gain insight into how our programs can be improved, and to provide a basis for a longer term research study into the “quality of life” effects of our programs for the veteran and his/her family.

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